Transforming Decision Making in Middle Market Lending

We founded FINCURA on a simple idea. We believe in the potential of technology to transform middle market lending while still empowering humans to make great decisions. We set out to build an engine with a foundation of AI and Machine Learning that would digitize unstructured private company data with the intention of automating manual data entry and driving operational efficiency.

The data derived from this engine is now analyzed and leveraged to produce insights and efficiency throughout the lending process. We unlock tremendous value through automation and also enable lenders to take full command of their data. The combination of these transformations fuels a new future of Middle Market Lending.

We have assembled an extraordinarily talented team with a rich history of proven success both building and growing some of Boston’s most exciting technology companies.


  • Max Blumenthal
    Founder & CEO
  • Cody Putre
    Founder & COO
  • Andrea Blades
  • Jason Raede